Telemann not Television
An Evening of Music for your Enjoyment

Saturday, December 14, 2013 at 7pm
St. Andrew Presbyterian Church
(9850 Monroe Avenue, Aptos)

Join us for an evening of music for your enjoyment. Long before streaming media, TVs, the radio or even recorded music, live music-making was indispensable to home entertainment. During times when music was still part of general education (for those who had it), Telemann's works ranked high among subscribers such as Netflix does today. Eager music patrons awaited the latest works from his grandiose "Tafelmusik" (dinner music) of which Telemann said "This work will, I hope, make me famous one day" (and indeed it did). As a postlude to your Saturday evening dinner plans, Driftwood Consort will share with you some selections from this musical feast and other chamber works, played on baroque flutes with harpsichord and viola da gamba (a cello-like instrument).

This concert takes place on Saturday, December 14 at 7pm at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church (9850 Monroe Avenue, Aptos). Tickets are $20 (advance), $22 (door) and $5 (youth, door only) and are available at or at the door from 4pm onwards. For more information please visit [], or call 831-706-8408.